Where In The World Are David & Leslie?

…In Chicago Getting Documentation for Bonaire Residency

Location: Chicago, IL
Date: August 12, 2021

We arrived in Chicago on Wednesday evening, around midnight and have been running around non-stop since then. Between seeing doctors, visiting hair dressers, shopping for comfort items to bring back to Bonaire, catching up with friends and family and going on a huge scavenger hunt for required documents required to apply for residency in Bonaire, we have been very busy. What we thought would be the hardest – the finger prints and FBI background check – turned out to be a 15 minute visit to the UPS store. Zip zip – got our prints scanned and found out our backgrounds are clean. Now we just waiting for the official “apostilled” document from the FBI. We also needed to get birth and marriage certificates “apostilled” which had to be done downtown Chicago. So again, we thought this was going to be an extremely time consuming process, however it turned out to be a quick visit to the Secretary of States office downtown. 5 minutes after they opened, David’s birth certificate and our marriage certificate were authenticated and documented with the official apostille certification. Now all we need is for my birth certificate from Morocco to be authenticated and “apostilled”. The request is in the mail and the ETA is 12 – 14 weeks.