Where In The World Are David & Leslie?

…Getting Chemotherapy In Naperville, IL

Location: Naperville, IL
Date: September 29, 2022

After I experienced random symptoms while in Curacao in February and March, David and I headed back to the US for thorough medical testing. Needless to say we were quite shocked when I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. Fortunately I had an amazing team consisting of an oncologist, neurologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, and physical therapist. The oncologist managed my cancer while the other team members managed the side effects from the chemo. Once the side effects were under control and the chemo drugs had killed off a lot of the cancer (which took about 2 months), the cancer was very tolerable. David was incredible during this time – taking care of the shopping, cleaning, cooking – and still finding time to massage my legs any time during the day or night.

We’re looking forward to our return to Bonaire in December, but have enjoyed spending time with family / friends during the spring and summer. Thank you all for your support – especially to David who has been amazing. I could not have made it through this without you.