Where In The World Are David & Leslie?

…Reveling in our New Raja Ampat View

Location: Aboard the Dive Damai II in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Date: January 9, 2024
Reveling in Raja Ampat View

For us, our trip to Raja Ampat meant fifth time was the charm. We missed going to Raja 4 years in a row due to:

  • passport issues 1 year
  • COVID travel restrictions 2 years
  • cancer 1 year.

Needless to say we were uber excited for this trip. And since we were traveling to Indonesia and had no time restrictions, we decided to stay in Indonesia for almost the entire month of January. The Dive Damai was everything and more than we expected, and the staff was exceptional. While the currents were stronger than anticipated and the viz was a bit disappointing, the marine life was amazing. The views were incredible above the water, however they were overshadowed by the views below the water. Click on an image to view a larger view.