Where In The World Are David & Leslie?

…Celebrating 2023 in Kralendijk

Location: Kralendijk, Bonaire
Date: January 4, 2023
I Love Bonaire sign in downtown Kralendijk.

Our first New Year’s Eve on Bonaire was particularly special because of Leslie’s good health…but the fireworks were great as well. As we drove around Bonaire in December, shipping containers selling fireworks popped up all over Kralendijk…kind of like the Spirit Halloween stores in the US during October. They must have done terrific business because it seemed like every block had someone launching their own personal show for everyone to enjoy.

Pockets of fireworks punctuated the air throughout the 31st, but there was a noticeable spike at 7pm. Leslie and I were having dinner at Karel’s Beach Bar and a friendly Dutch family told us it was midnight in The Netherlands. At 11:30pm, I drove down to Te Amo Beach, across from Flamingo Airport, which has an unblocked view across the water toward downtown Kralendijk and waited for the big show…and was NOT disappointed.

The entire coastline (including the beach I was standing on) lit up with the collective exuberance and explosiveness that a dozen shipping containers worth of fireworks could provide. The video below is only 6 minutes of what was at least 30 minutes of unified celebration, followed by literally hours of more isolated light shows. We are so glad to put 2022 behind us and wish you all a happier, healthier 2023!