Where In The World Are David & Leslie?

…Waiting for Our Flight to Bonaire

Location: Hato Airport, Curaçao
Date: April 30, 2021
Hato Airport, Curaçao

We got an early start this morning in an attempt to make sure our luggage traveled with us to Bonaire. Although we enjoyed our time in Curaçao and fell in love with the island (especially the diving), after six weeks of lockdown, we are ready to say good-bye. We wanted to be first in line to check-in – in the hopes that our luggage would not be sent on separate flights, so we arrived at 5:30 AM for a 7:00 AM flight. As it turns out, the airport doesn’t even open (officially) until 6:00 AM. In addition, the airline reservationist didn’t start until about 6:45. Fortunately for us, we left on-time and our luggage came with us so we arrived on time in Bonaire at 7:30 AM.