Where In The World Are David & Leslie?

…Relaxing at Pop’s Place for David’s Birthday Dinner Reboot

Location: Willemsted, Curacao
Date: January 15, 2021
David's Birthday

When asked what type of meal David wanted for his birthday, he said he just wanted a good hamburger. What makes a good hamburger for David? One that is rare, thick and juicy. Very pink in the center and dripping with goodness. On Thursday night, David’s birthday, we went to a restaurant in Aruba to celebrate and get David his juicy birthday burger. The restaurant will remain nameless, but it was a chain found in America, so we assumed it would hit all points. Weeeeeeeeeell, it didn’t turn out as planned. The burger was well done, dry and hard (my roasted chicken was a huge disappointment as well – but this post is all about David). To make up for this meal mishap, we went out today to find that birthday burger for David. Based on the recommendation of a trusted resident, we found ourselves at Pop’s Place on Caracas Bay – a casual and popular beach restaurant. David ordered his birthday burger exactly as he wanted it – as well cheese ball and funche fries (both local dishes). It was a meal worthy of a birthday lunch and I’m sure we will be back for non-birthday burgers!!!