Where In The World Are David & Leslie?

…Out A Week

Date: October 12, 2020
David indicating two ear infections.

Unfortunately, I will be out a week as both my ears are infected. I got water in my left ear last week that would not clear. Taking a few days off seemed to do the trick, but a Saturday boat dive proved too much and minor pain started on Sunday. I visited Aruba Urgent Care on Monday and the doctor asked if my right ear hurt when she tugged on it to put that ear-scopy thing in. I said “no” and she said it should because it was infected as well. (sigh) Two sets of drops (inflammation and antibiotic) and a five day pill regimen and I should be good to go next weekend.

The silver lining is that I can get caught up on some video editing and I need to replace a worn swimsuit. Then there is always carting Leslie around to the spa and her dive outings. At least one of us can have fun!