Where In The World Are David & Leslie?

…Waiting to Board for Our First Dive in 2020

Location: Nine Foot Stake (Dive Site), Key West, FL, USA
Date: July 1, 2020
Leslie With Gear Aboard Dream Cat

After settling in for a week, checking out local dive shops and navigating boat loads for social distancing, we booked a two reef dive from Lost Reef Adventures. The 9am departure from its mooring behind the Perry Hotel on Stock Island was picturesque. Thirty-five minutes later we arrived at “Nine Foot Stake” for a 60-minute dive. A short surface interval and 10-minute ride put us at “Marker 32”. Both were relatively shallow (30′ – 35′), but it felt great to get back into the water after about a year as landlubbers.

The usual assortment of Damselfish, Trumpetfish and Snapper was punctuated with a Scorpionfish, Blue and Midnight Parrotfish and a family of High Hats. Photos and video to follow.