Where In The World Are David & Leslie?

… Enjoying A Familiar Key West Haunt – DJ’s Clam Shack

Location: Key West, Florida, USA
Date: June 21, 2020
David enjoying conch fritters at DJ's Clam Shack in Key West.

WE MADE IT!!!  The drive from Miami yesterday took a bit longer than anticipated as a result of both construction and a large gapers delay that lasted for miles, but we arrived before dark and were able to settle into our new home (which is deliciously cozy!!).  Sunday morning, we decided to check out a favorite restaurant from past visits to Key West – DJs Clam Shack. Here we indulged in a Lobster Roll (Leslie) and Conch Fritters (David).  DJs is right on Duval Street, which is about a 20 minute walk from our new home.  Not a bad walk, except for the 90 degree heat + humidity.  But it was a nice change of scenery and sounds.  

Following our gastro delight, we walked along Duval Street looking at menus and taking in the sites.  So far, it appears the residents of Key West are pretty good about wearing masks – and all of the businesses require faces masks upon entry. One store even required us to use hand sanitizer before entering.    

We made our way home, sweating all the way, but it felt like we just had an intense workout. We are still waiting for our SCUBA gear to arrive – we shipped it UPS, which was about the same cost as checking a third bag on the plane – without the inconvenience. Once the gear arrives, we’ll start checking out the local dive shops and hopefully start diving again.