Diving Playa Lagun in Curaçao

Written by David Howell

After spending 25+ years successfully leading application development activities at an enterprise level, David moved toward pursuing his own passions full-time. He travels the world with his wife, Leslie, exploring nearby shore dives and remote atolls from liveaboards. Together, they document their adventures at TropicLens.com.

February 15, 2021

We moved to the west end of Curaçao and Playa Lagun is our house reef for a month. We have made five dives here over the last couple of weeks, exploring all of its features. The lagoon is fairly shallow, at just 15 feet, but that is perfect for snorkelers, swimmers, kayakers and even regular water-based exercise classes. In the middle of the lagoon is a 5 foot high rocky mound full of anemone, crab and fish. The reef is about 100 feet beyond the lagoon which is flanked by rocky cliffs. If you dive along the south wall, there is a small cave with often has a school or two swimming around and the view from inside is very nice. Spending time in the shallows is a great opportunity to see juvenile sergeant majors and there have been several thousand silversides on every dive…so far.

We have also seen a herd of goats climbing and feeding on the rock cliffs. One time, they scared an iguana which jumped into the water. Wish I caught that on video! Anyway, enjoy the latest installment of The Shore Dive Collection.


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