We Saw A Viper Moray!

Written by David Howell

After spending 25+ years successfully leading application development activities at an enterprise level, David moved toward pursuing his own passions full-time. He travels the world with his wife, Leslie, exploring nearby shore dives and remote atolls from liveaboards. Together, they document their adventures at TropicLens.com.

January 24, 2021

Truth be told, we also saw a Mosiac Sand Dollar on the same night dive!

The diving in Curaçao continues to be fantastic and we can’t seem to go more than a few dives without seeing something completely new. (Well, for us anyway.) Daan at Rebel Diving Curaçao has picked a number of new sites for us to try. Some have turned out to be quite enjoyable. In fact, we plan to return to Kokomo this week for some night diving there. Others, haven’t ranked quite as high; although part of that might be the funky rainy weather we’ve had the last month leading to some decreased visibility and increased currents.

This week’s Best Moments video includes the two aforementioned new critters as well as an underwater Christmas tree, baby flying gurnard and a bit of a feeding frenzy over a fish head. Hope you enjoy the latest highlights.

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