Curaçao Dive Highlights and One Lowlight

Written by David Howell

After spending 25+ years successfully leading application development activities at an enterprise level, David moved toward pursuing his own passions full-time. He travels the world with his wife, Leslie, exploring nearby shore dives and remote atolls from liveaboards. Together, they document their adventures at

January 11, 2021

We visited several new locations on Curaçao so far in 2021. Playa Piskadó was notable for a number of reasons. One the plus side, there were a couple of turtles that didn’t seem to mind a bunch of divers harshing their mellow. On the negative side, I saw a discarded sharking lying in the bay where fishing boats are anchored. It sucks to see things like that. We also visited Kokomo Beach where we saw a cero and tons of sun anemone. Then there was the hunting octopus at Marie Pampoen. Oh, and we seem to find cats (or they find us) which always make things a bit better.

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