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January 2021 / Week 1
January 2020 / Week 1

It’s been a rainy January here in Curacao. It’s my theory that the universe is trying to cleanse itself of the stench that was brought on by the year 2020. Happily 2021 brought on many changes and provided new diving adventures. Daan, of Rebel Diving introduced David and me to 4 additional shore diving sites: Kokomo Beach, Playa Shon Mosa, Playa Piscado, the Water Factory – all amazing!!!

This friendly blenny was found hanging out in a medium size brain coral. What caught my eye was that it was quite active and did not retreat into it’s shelter when it saw that I was eyeing it for a photo op. Instead it came out further and was very animated. This is the type of subject you want to look for when shooting blennies, and other marine critters. Don’t wait for the shy ones to come out of their holes – move on and find bolder bennies!! They will always provide a better opportunity for a good and unique shot. It will also make taking the photos much more enjoyable.

Equipment and settings: Nikon D850 / 105mm / INON 330Z strobes / f25 / 1/125th / ISO 320.  
Location: Kokomo Beach, Curaçao

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