Photo of the Week

December 2020 / Week 3

I got one shot of this Flying Gurnard before it swam away, so I feel very lucky that the image turned out as well as it did. The fins/wings are spread perfectly, no body parts are cut off and the angle is very pleasing. It is not the best shot technically, but so far it is only the second time I have seen a Flying Gurnard and I am thrilled with the way the photo turned out. This image was shot at Boca Sami beach, which is near Blue Bay Resort. The site itself is not really pretty or dramatic compared to sites like Director’s Bay, Tug Boat and Caracas Bay, but the marine life is amazing and diverse.

Equipment and settings: Nikon D850 / 60mm / INON 330Z strobes / f 13 / 1/125th / ISO 125.  
Location: Boca Sami Curaçao

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