Photo of the Week

December 2020 / Week 1

Most divers know to look out for the Scorpionfish. They are often difficult to spot because they blend in so well with their environment. Because they blend in so well with their surroundings, it can be difficult to get a photo where you are able to separate the fish from its surroundings. In this shot, I used a small aperture, fast shutter speed and low ISO in order to force the background to black. I also had my left strobe pulled in close to my housing port and pointed toward the subject in order to avoid lighting the background. With the subject isolated, you can really appreciate the beauty of this fish.

Equipment and settings: Nikon D850 / 105mm / INON 330Z / f 16 / 1/250th / ISO 125

Location: Tres Trapi, Aruba

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