Diving Hole In The Wall in Aruba

Written by David Howell

After spending 25+ years successfully leading application development activities at an enterprise level, David moved toward pursuing his own passions full-time. He travels the world with his wife, Leslie, exploring nearby shore dives and remote atolls from liveaboards. Together, they document their adventures at TropicLens.com.

November 15, 2020

Well, The Shore Dive Collection is actually a collection now…albeit still very small. Today we published our second installment reviewing a very nice coral reef called Hole In The Wall. Located on the southwest coast of Aruba, it has a tremendous amount and diversity of coral and all the typical Caribbean sea life you might expect. I also filmed a southern stargazer there, which was kind of exciting for me personally.

I am using a few more tools both from a camera perspective as an editing perspective, so this continues to be a terrific learning journey for me as well. Watching other YouTubers and how channels grow/evolve, I expect that my videos a year from now will be very different (better?) than they are today. Can’t wait to see that, although there may well be some tugs to re-edit older videos. I can promise I will not be adding any CGI characters to the Mos Eisley scene. 😉

Enjoy episode two!

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