This is the last Photo of the Week for 2020 and I feel lucky I shot it. I had a limited selection of photos as I as sidelined for most of the week – out with a mysterious sore throat and cough (but thankfully not Covid as we took a day out to get tested). Anyway, once back in the water, Daan at Rebel Diving in Curacao, took us to Playa Piskado where there were loads of these Lettuce Leaf Slugs. Lettuce Leaf Slugs are named due to their resemblance, in both shape and color, to some kinds of frilly lettuce. They come in a variety of colors, mostly blues, greens and yellows. In my experience, these critters are often below gardens of Elkhorn Coral where the only shot is a “top down” view, so I was thrilled to be able to fire off a number of shots of this guy.

Equipment and settings: Nikon D850 / 60mm / INON 330Z strobes / f29 / 1/200th / ISO 250.  
Location: Playa Piskado CuraƧao