December 2020 Contenders

As we leave the year 2020 behind, we have six months worth of underwater images. After reviewing the current process for showcasing images (inside note – there is no formal process), we’ve decided to introduce a new format for viewing “the best of the best”. As a result, we introduced the “Photo of the Week” (POTW) to identify the best photos each week. As we were started narrowing our selections for the POTW, we found additional photos that we considered worth posting. As a result, we are also introducing new content for photos that were under consideration for POTW. These photos will be referred to as “Finalists” for the month and posted at the end of the month.

We begin with the best photos in December, which also marks our arrival to Curacao. We’ve been absolutely blown away by the incredible dive sites here in Curacao. And we’ve hooked up an amazing dive guide and dive center, Daan Rijinberg owner of Rebel Diving. She has taken us to gorgeous dive sites with healthy reefs filled with a variety of marine life, including Tug Boat, Director’s Bay, Marie Pompoen, Playa Piscado, Caracas Bay, Boca Sami and many other sites.

For the future, we plan to make the information surrounding the photos like camera settings, description of subjects, dive sites etc., available. Until that time, feel free to drop a line if you have any questions about a photo. We sincerely hope you enjoy the photos!!

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