David and I have been here in Aruba, not far from Arashi Beach and the Antilla Wreck since mid-July and we were finally able to dive these sites in mid-October, but it was worth the wait!! Our dive guide, Susan Heiter was amazing as she pointed out so many critters. The highlight of our first dive day came when Susan spotted a 6 foot stingray (no exaggeration!!!) lounging on the bottom of Arashi Reef. Fortunately it didn’t seem to mind a group of paparazzi divers swimming around shooting photos and videos. Unfortunately I was shooting with my macro lens and wasn’t able to get any good shots.

Over the course of multiple dives, with Susan’s help, we were able to see a number of turtles that also didn’t mind photographers, as well as eels, crabs and pufferfish. The Antilla Wreck is very colorful with a variety of corals and sponge, and alive with both schooling and solitary fish. Susan also pointed out a beautiful Tube Dwelling Anemone below the Antilla which we would have easily overlooked without her help. All in all it was one of our favorite boat dive in Aruba. The Antilla Wreck is a photographers dream and you won’t go wrong with either a macro or wide angle lens.

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