Best of Tres Trapi

November 2020 / Week 5

Written by Leslie Howell

Like many people in her generation, Leslie was first introduced to SCUBA diving as a child watching the "Undersea World of Jaques Cousteau".  Some 30 years later, she finally experienced her first dive in 1998 in Cancun Mexico and has been hooked ever since.  Through diving, Leslie developed a passion for photography as well as a serious and expensive camera addiction.

9 September 2020

Although the shore diving in Aruba is limited, the sites are easily accessible and the marine life is diverse. Tres Trapi, or “Three Steps” is located in Noord on the northern most part of the island, between the kite / wind surfing schools and Arashi Beach. It’s a popular site for snorkeling, but also great for scuba diving. Although not very deep, maximum depth does not exceed 20 feet, the site is teeming with marine life including eels, cephalopods, schooling fish, crustaceans and juvenile fish. Swimming straight out from the entry, approximately 50 feet, you will find a concrete block on the sandy bottom. This block is home to many different critters, which I’m sure changes constantly, but while we were visiting we regularly encountered a juvenile lobster, frog fish, chain moray eel, juvenile high hat, arrow crab and assorted gobies. Just west of the block, you are likely to spot a giant star fish or bandtail pufferfish. Continue exploring south of the block and you may be lucky to spot an octopus, juvenile scorpionfish and various types of angel and butterfly fish. Finally head east towards the rocky shore and you will not be disappointed what you can find – squid, schools of grunts, trumpetfish and spotted drumfish are just a few of the critters living there.

The gallery below is the first of the “Best of Tres Trapi” gallery. Enjoy!!

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