Squad of Squid

Written by Leslie Howell

Like many people in her generation, Leslie was first introduced to SCUBA diving as a child watching the "Undersea World of Jaques Cousteau".  Some 30 years later, she finally experienced her first dive in 1998 in Cancun Mexico and has been hooked ever since.  Through diving, Leslie developed a passion for photography as well as a serious and expensive camera addiction.

13 August 2020

The dive started and ended with a large group (shoal, school or squad) of small Caribbean Reef Squid greeting the divers from the dive boat. We spotted the squid from the boat and couldn’t wait to jump in the water before the squid got spooked and swam away. We were not disappointed as the squid stayed put and even let me fire off a few shots. Unfortunately the dive needed to continue, since not everyone is obsessed with cephalopods like me, so I had to follow the dive group and leave my new friends.

The remainder of the dive was great, but not as exciting as the start of the dive. Surprisingly, as we prepared to exit the water, the squid returned. I was elated. Fortunately I had plenty of air in my tank and battery life in my camera, therefore I was able to spend additional time capturing memories of my new found friends. One of the squid was either more friendly or more curious than the others in the group and tolerated my camera and flash exceedingly well. Below are some of my shots and my new friend “Squishy III”.

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