Butterflies are Free…

Written by Leslie Howell

Like many people in her generation, Leslie was first introduced to SCUBA diving as a child watching the "Undersea World of Jaques Cousteau".  Some 30 years later, she finally experienced her first dive in 1998 in Cancun Mexico and has been hooked ever since.  Through diving, Leslie developed a passion for photography as well as a serious and expensive camera addiction.

3 July 2020

…well, more like $12/person to enter the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West. But it is money well spent!!!

Friday morning David and I headed out for a morning walk. Given the heat and humidity in Key West, mornings and evenings are the most comfortable times to leave our temperature controlled Key West habitat to get some exercise. We decided to head off in a new direction this morning and check out the Southernmost Point in Key West. It was a sight I wanted to check off my bucket list (check) and it was a beautiful day to see the ocean and possibly Cuba (spoiler alert: we did not see Cuba). After experiencing the point and taking a couple of snapshots of the Southernmost marker, along with some pics of a very “hippy-like” crochet covered tree, we continued our walk and ran into the Butterfly Conservatory. The conservatory is filled with a variety of colorful butterflies, but there are also exotic flora and fauna to entertain our visual senses. We went through the conservatory twice to take in all of the butterflies, birds and foliage. One of the butterflies found a comfortable perch on David’s hat – but sadly was not allowed to leave with us. It was a lovely way to spend a morning and would encourage people to visit when they are in Key West.

I hope you enjoy the images below.

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