Wakatobi 2015: Nudibranchs

Written by Leslie Howell

Like many people in her generation, Leslie was first introduced to SCUBA diving as a child watching the "Undersea World of Jaques Cousteau".  Some 30 years later, she finally experienced her first dive in 1998 in Cancun Mexico and has been hooked ever since.  Through diving, Leslie developed a passion for photography as well as a serious and expensive camera addiction.

1 December 2015

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is nudibranchs and there is no better place to photograph nudis than Wakatobi. Nudibranchs come in all shapes, colors and sizes. And the best thing is, nudibranchs don’t move very fast. It took me a bit of research to understand what was in front (rhinophores) and what was in back (brachial plumes) of of the nudibranch. Before I learned this key information, I was taking a lot of nudibranch butts.

I hope you enjoy the gallery of nudibranchs from our first visit to Wakatobi.

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