Sea ID

Welcome to our version of fish and creature identification.  Over the years, we have used a lot of web sites, purchased books and seen countless variations of waterproof cards in dive shops.  Even though Leslie and I have a much better understanding of traditional fish classification group, when we see something new, we still ask each other the same way. “Did you see that blue fish?”

Divers and snorkelers of all experience levels often use color as a primary identification tool.  In fact, even the folks that made up the traditional fish identification groups included separate red and silver fish groups.

Sea ID  is an easy-to-use, color oriented tool that lets you pick the color of your fish and then browse through hundreds of examples to find what you are looking for.  No more leafing through different sections of a book.

  • Stunning Photos – High quality images including different angles and close-ups that allow you to see detail you might not otherwise get a chance to see.  Check out the pregnant Pederson Shrimp with eggs visible.
  • Great Video – Many of the fish and creature pages contain video showing specific behavior or each animal in their natural habitat so you can get an idea of where they can be found.  Check out the green moray eel catching a parrotfish dinner or the mating squid.
  • Detailed Information – Each fish and creature page contains a variety of information about it’s habitats, biology, reproduction and more.


Get started by selecting the predominant color or your fish