Foggy Morning

(October 11, 2016)

It’s fall again, such a beautiful time of year.  But you need to get up early to see one of nature’s most enchanting times of day.  The nature preserve behind our house is covered in a blanket of fog in the early mornings of fall, and it is thrilling to watch as the fog clears and the morning colors come alive.  Speaking of coming alive, it’s also the perfect time to take in some macro photography.  The insects are waiting to dry off from the dew they have accumulated overnight.  The dragonfly, pictured in the gallery below, sat motionless as it waited to dry off for the day.

As the fog lifts, the colors transition from the golden glow of the morning to more natural colors.  And it’s back to work for the insects in the nature preserve.

All photos were taken with a Nikon 610.  The landscape / crane photos were taken with a Nikon 70-300 mm lens.  The macro photos were taken using Nikon 105 mm lens.

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