Wakatobi 2015 Nudibranch Photos

(July 2015)

Nudibranchs are a macro photographers dream subject.  They are colorful, they are diverse and they don’t move very fast.  Thanks to our dive guides at Wakatobi, I was able to shoot a variety of different nudibranchs, which I never would have been able to find.  Not only did the guides spot the nudibranchs, but they also provided some helpful tips for shooting.  It was shooting nudibranchs at Wakatobi that I learned the benefits of using the back focus feature on my camera.  

In case you are unfamiliar with this feature, back focusing allows you to assign the focus function exclusively to another button on your camera – rather than using the shutter release button to both focus and snap the photo.  This approach can help you to lock in your desired focus and reframe the shot without refocusing.  In addition, it allows you really fine tune the focus by physically moving your camera.  Back focusing will most likely not replace focusing with the shutter release, but it is a great tool to use for macro shots.

I hope you enjoy!!

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