Back From Wakatobi

Well, it is our first weekend back from Wakatobi and there is so much to do! As an aside, I plan to keep this going regularly from now on. When I logged to share this update, I saw that I haven’t really done anything with TropicLens since our Australia trip in 2013.

We did go to Key West last year but for some reason, that didn’t make it here. In between, there were lots of interesting stories like getting our Chinese visas and a little mix up about NightSea dive lights to see the natural fluorescence of some night creatures. Those would have been fun to share…perhaps down the road. For now, we have Wakatobi!

Luckily, I got a terrific jump on fish identification. I did gain a bit of a reputation on board the Pelagian, however, but the progress made in sorting and curating the videos was well worth it. Given four 70-minute dives a day with two-hour surface intervals in between, the following pattern emerged quickly and took 12 – 13 hours to complete.

  • Dive
  • Recharge batteries
  • Download dive profile from computer and update log book
  • Eat
  • Import video, remove unusable shots and tag clips with fish/creature information

It was both exhilarating and exhausting, but vacation is really what you want to make of it. You can choose to relax and take it easy, but if you shoot a lot of video, waiting until you get home to do anything with that can add months (literally) to the exercise of producing something you feel comfortable sharing with family and friends. And by “you”, I really mean me.

For today, I have posted a spectacular octopus video shot at the Treasure Island dive site. It was clearly hungry and on the prowl. The first portion of the video has it perched on a coral head trying to punch and/or grab nearby fish…although it appears the fish are having fun teasing it. It maintains a fairly stable brown and white color scheme with a bumpy texture on its mantle (head).

The second portion is that same octopus after it moved to a different coral head…and closer to me. It starts off mostly brown and smooth in texture but, over the next 90 seconds, goes through shades of yellow, blue and white…even displaying a half-and-half color scheme right down the center of its mantle. Oh, and it adds bumps and makes itself smooth again several times as well. Amazing…




I have been diving since 2002. While my technical and editing skills have not risen as fast as my passion for shooting video, I am enjoying the opportunities I get to learn and grow. Many thanks to Leslie for her love, partnership, suggestions, wit and equally compulsive technology interest.     Must...get...more diving in...

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