Land Shark! Well, Land And Shark Video…

Wow, where did the time go? I spent the better part of the weekend going through the Australia video meticulously to identify fish, coral, sponges and other creatures. Sadly, I only made it through about an hour and a half of video, but it felt good.

Before the trip, Leslie purchased a few reef identification books. They are a tremendous help as I haven’t spent the requisite amount of time learning the key traits of aquatic life to pull either the Latin or common name just out of my head. The books have hundreds of pages, so there are literally thousands of images to look at. The front of the book is nicely organized by key such characteristics as body shape, size, even how they swim and points you to the right section so that you can, hopefully, find a matching pic.

As I perused the books, I found it hard, sometimes, to find a match because I wasn’t sure of the coloring. To be sure, many (most?) of the photos in the book were bright and colorful, but I was struck by just how many were monochromatic. Lots of blue and green hues with a narrative below that describes the colors and variations. Perhaps I am a bit biased, but Leslie’s pics could easily enhance these reference materials.

In addition to the books, several web sites were also useful including Florent’s Guide To The Tropical Reefs and Chucks Addition which has a nice collection of coral pics.

So, that got my thinking…how about something similar, but with video so that you can see these things moving? Food for thought. I may create a section with short videos that are sortable/searchable. Let me get through the director’s cut of the vacation first and then I can start a side project.

That brings me to this weekend’s post. Two new videos cover the shark feed and our land excursion to Kuranda. They look awesome in HD, but the file size is ridiculous. I need to check into Final Cut to see if there is a better compression algorithm there, but for now I have posted 640×390 versions of medium quality.


[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”289″]

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”291″]



I have been diving since 2002. While my technical and editing skills have not risen as fast as my passion for shooting video, I am enjoying the opportunities I get to learn and grow. Many thanks to Leslie for her love, partnership, suggestions, wit and equally compulsive technology interest.     Must...get...more diving in...

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