Great Fun in Grand Cayman – 2011

This was my second trip with David to Grand Cayman and our first time staying at Sunset House.  It was on this trip that David and I discovered the benefits of shore diving – a definite plus when you have such a marvelous house reef just outside your front door.  Sunset House spoiled boat diving for us (except for liveaboards).

This was also my second dive trip with the Canon G9.  I replaced my beloved Olympus SP350, only because it took too long to write Raw photos.  The SP350 took some amazing photos and it was very compact.  I made the mistake of purchasing a Patima housing for the G9.  Don’t get me wrong, the Patima housing was extremely well made – it was just overkill for a compact digital camera.  I paid about 3 times the price of the camera and it probably weighed about 10 times more than the acrylic underwater housing but it made me feel like I was shooting with a DSLR camera.

Even though it may not have been the best housing choice, I still managed to get some amazing photos and even got into a tug-of-war with an octopus over my camera. Given the weight of the housing, there is no doubt of who won the battle.

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