Grand Cayman in Review – 2007

Before we met, David and I both had visited Grand Cayman separately and enjoyed the colorful reefs and abundant marine life.  It was a no brainer for us to visit here on our first dive trip together.

In addition to diving with David for the first time, this was also my first time shooting with a digital camera underwater.  Previously, I had been using a Nikonos 5 film camera and I was reluctant to switch over to digital for a number of reasons.  First, there would be an additional investment in camera equipment,  In addition, I was aware that the quality was not as good as film (yet), however the ability to shoot more than 36 pictures in one dive, and the fact that I could preview photos outweighed cost / quality concerns.

I started out the vacation with the Olympus SP550UV and ended the vacation with the Olympus SP350.  Regardless of which camera I used – I was hooked on digital and this was the beginning of my quest for the perfect camera.

In addition to discovering the benefits of shooting digital, I also discovered the beauty of  the Sunset House house reef and the freedom of shore diving on this trip.

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